Overdrive audio book chapters playing out of order - new issue

Overdrive audio book chapters are playing out of order on my Sansa Sport Go. I have been using the Sport Go to play Overdrive audio books without issue for over a year. This problem started only in the last week.

Note: Overdrive is an app used by public libraries in the U.S. The app is on my laptop. After I download an audio book from the library using Overdrive, I can use Overdrive to copy the audio book to Overdrive supported devices.

The Overdrive audio books play correctly on other devices Overdrive supports: an old Sansa M300, a kindle fire, an android phone, and a Windows 10 laptop. Therefore I have concluded the problem lies with the Sansa Sport Go and not with Overdrive.

I have deleted the Overdrive audio books from the Sport Go and copied them back. When I do this, the chapters are played out of order but in a different wrong order.

Shuffle is off on the Sport Go; I always have it off.

In an attempt to solve the problem, I did a full format on the Clip Go (through Windows) and downloaded and installed the appropriate version (1.04) update. Copied a few Overdrive audio books to the Clip Go. Result: chapters are still played out of order.

Checked details of the Overdrive audio book chapters in properties ; they have correctly numbered titles like “the book title-part 01”, “the book title-part 02”, etc. I expected the titles to look okay since the Overdrive audio book chapters are playing in order on everything except the Clip Go. I have verified the chapter titles are the same whether they are on the Clip Go or on my laptop.

Just for the heck of it I copied one of the Overdrive audio books from the Clip Go to my laptop, edited the chapter titles so they read “chapter 01” and so on instead of “the book title-part 01” and copied the chapters back to the Sport Go. Result: chapters are played in order. WHAT.

Overdrive audio books typically have chapter titles such as “the book title-part 01” or “the book title - part 1”. Sometimes there is a zero before the chapter number, sometimes there are spaces around the hyphen but in general all chapter titles are similarly formatted. Until a couple of weeks ago Sport Go dealt with the Overdrive audio book chapters just fine. Suddenly the Sport Go does not.

Are the chapter titles getting truncated or cut off by the Sport Go so it doesn’t catch the last section “part 01” or whatever? This is what I assume because chapters are played out of order in a different way each time I delete an audio book from the Sport Go and copy it back using Overdrive.

I also assume chapter titles are getting truncated or cut off by the Sport Go because editing the chapter titles to a shorter string (just “chapter 01” etc.) seems to fix the issue; the Sport Go played the book chapters in the correct order. This test also proved shuffle is off. :smiley:

The audio books tend to have long chapter titles, and some include apostrophes. Example:

“Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare-Part03”

Anyone know the max character length of a chapter title the Sport Go can handle, and if special characters like an apostrophe break it? Really do not want to edit the chapter titles of every book. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially when my ancient Sansa M300 handles the same Overdrive audio books just fine.

Hi @clrmp,

Please refer link for end users inquiry : https://kb.sandisk.com/app/ask/

Hope it helps!!