Playing order

Does anyone know if it is possible to make the Sansa Clip play songs in the order they appeared on the original recordings?

I have many, many vinyl albums (because I am very old !!!), and when ripped to MP3 format, the track number does not appear as part of the title/filename, as they do on modern CD’s or downloaded albums.  This results in tracks being played in alphabetical order rather than the original order on the albums.

SO what I’d like to know is if there is any way of making the Sansa play them in track no. order, or am I going to have to go through all my albums and give each track a number?   AAAaaaaarrrrgghh!

Mine do (play in album order), without issue.  Both via the Clip’s database play as well as folder play.

2 clues:

–  Fill in the track numbers in the ID3 track number field.

–  When ripping your music or editing the filenames, precede the filename with “xx-” (without the quotes), where the xx is the track number (beginning with a preceding 0, as necessary).

And for editing, MP3Tag is a good, free editor (for both ID3 tags and filenames).

But much easier done when first ripping a CD, when adding the track numbers is very much automated (with a good ripper). 

How are you ripping the vinyl albums? 

Thanks to all you guys for your replies and suggestions.  I have since found that all my albums, whether ripped from CD or Vinyl, do play in the correct order once the Sansa Clip has had time to refresh properly.  I think that when I found that they were playing in alphabetical order, I had only just copied tracks to the device.  When I played the same albums that had played alphabetically on the following day, they did play in the correct order.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.

Thanks for the update–usually the database refresh occurs immediately upon disconnecting the Clip, it’s pretty aggressive.

It’s also possible that you were playing Songs, which would play alphabetically by song title, rather than going to Albums.