File won't stop playing

Hi, I have a Sansa Clip which seemed to be working well but has now developed a fault. I don’t use it a lot aand the last time I did it was for a language course when I was on holiday. I wanted to use the player last night but when I turned it on it picked up playing the last section of the languahe course and nothing I could do would make it stop. Pressing the “home” button doesn’t seem to help as although I get taken to a different place the file just keeps on playing. Resetting by holding the slider off for 20 seconds has no effect either. Has anyone any ideas how to stop this?


Don’t take this wrong, but did you press the PAUSE ( | | ) button (12 o’clock position)?

Yes. Doesn’t seem to help. Have tried downloading latest firmware which didn’t seem to make any difference.

Is it still under warranty? Maybe you should contact the pros at SanDisk Tech Supoort.

Even if it’s not still warrantied, I’d call them.