Clip keeps pausing

For some strange reason, I can no longer hear my songs during playback, only the radio.  And the player keeps toggling between play and pause.  Can’t hear any songs.  What can be the problem?  I have the latest firmware installed.

I have the exact same issue. I have the 8gb Black Sansa Clip. For some reason, it is as though the pause button is being spammed on and off.

If i formatt it, install latest firmware, and load up say 1 album. I will listen to it fine for about 15 seconds, then the sound turns all intermitent. 

It’s been 24 hours since this problem started. Now it has gone away.

I tried cmd prompt format, firmware updates, everything… But that did nothing.

This morning, it just worked. I don’t remember getting it damp or wet… But I’m guessing something upset it, which evaporated overnight. For the guy above me, leave it in a warm and dry place for a few days. See how it goes? 

Fingers crossed mine is ok now.