Help! My Sandisk just stopped.

Sitting here listening to my music and my little sansa clip just stopped working alltogether. Even plugging it into the computer won’t encourage it to start working again.

Short of throwing it into the lake is there someone that can give me some hints to solve this little problem.

Try resetting it.

On switch held in uppermost position for 15-20 seconds.

Thank you so much. I tried holding the on/off switch 20 sec. and it worked for me. This is so much better than trying to understand tech help.

I haven’t experienced a problem like this yet, but it’s interesting since such behaviour (all beit ill-behaved) is not limited to the clip. My home DVD player will sometimes go into a mode where nothing will work, even the power off from the unit. The cure is to unplug the power cord then all is ok (after reconnecting).

Actually, it’s never really happened to me, only after my wife has used it - not that I’m blaming that sweet lady.