"file" structure on my ClipZip???

it looks completely different on the ClipZip than it does when I look at it on my computer.

totally different files…(if that is the correct term)

just found this in another thread:

When you look at the files with the player plugged into your computer, you are looking at folder/file names. When you look at your Zip, it is sorting and displaying the information from the ID3 tags of the files, not the file names themselves.


i’m having trouble installing mp3tag, however.

Also:  your computer shows the files on the Clip that were transferred to it under the USB mode (MSC or MTP) that your computer then is connected to your Clip under.  And so if files were transferred to your Clip under both USB MSC and MTP modes, your computer will only show part of the files on the Clip at a given time.