folders and artist coming up on explorer compared to my new clicp player

Hello , I’m new here but have  a ? already  . I set up my mp3s in window xp explorer . I’ll try and make this simple , I have a folder called Pear Jam , and one called Neil Young … but on the player when i play the music i have  " under artists, a Neil young , and a neil young and crazy horse, an "unknown " , etc… how can I make the player look exactly like it does on windows , only 2 folders , 

  thank you very much !! 

The Clip sorts your tracks by information stored in the ID3 tags, not by file or folder names. If information is missing from the tags, files can appear under “unknown” when sorting by title, artist, album, etc. There are plenty of programs to use for filling in the tags, but MP3Tag is one of the most recommended. You can come close to recreating a folder-style navigation with creative tagging. The last Fuze update added real folder navigation, but I don’t think it’s been confirmed whether that function will be added to the Clip too.


 thank you very much… I will try the one you have recomended  :)  thanks again , Phil

GWK,  that worked out well with the program you recomended . Instead of folders now like i had on my creative player , i now just use titles …

 thanks again !