Organization of files on clip are totally different than on my computer

I have folders on my computer, and I upload to those folders. But when I go on my clip, the stuff is all over the place and I can’t discern any organization for my stuff. There is a “Folders” folder on the clip, but it doesn’t have all the folders that I use. I can usually find it, but i have to look all over the place.

Does anybody know why this is happening?

Is there a way to reset the whole thing and start over?

I have belatedly learned about something like MSP transfers and something other kind, but I dont’ understand it. Perhaps I have mixed the transfer types?

This player (and most others these days) organize, sort and display by ID3 tag, not by folder/file hierarchy.

This player (and most others for the past several years) organizes, sorts and displays by ID3 tag, not by folder/file hierarchy.

Fair enough, but how do I organize the files

You can organize however you would like on the player–I copy and paste my music folders (typically, 1 folder per CD) onto the Clip, under its Music folder, put podcasts under the Podcasts folder, and audibooks under the Audiobooks folder.  But it’s the files’ ID3 tags that will determine how the files are shown on the display, and so make sure that those are correctly and consistently filled in.  MP3Tag is a good freeware tag editor.  

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I have the same problem even though I copy and paste exactly as you have said but what are ID3 tags?

@landlubber wrote:

I have the same problem even though I copy and paste exactly as you have said but what are ID3 tags?   

Generally, ID3tags are a tiny amount of data added into files, that identify aspects of the files–typically, for music, song name, album, artist, genre, and year.  Most modern players use this information, rather than file and folder name information, to display information on the player’s screen, so that you can choose the music.  Hence, the importance of getting the information correct, and consistent.  When you buy music already ripped for use on a player, the ID3 tags often already are filled in, although how this has been may not be to your liking or style.  And if you rip your own music, you need to fill this information in, although many rippers can connect to Internet music databases to fill the information in for you; hpwever, again, it may not be consistent with your style.  And so, the importance of ID3 tag editors such as MP3Tag, which is fairly easy to use.