Help with Clip music oranization..

Hello, Im sure this has been covered a million times in the forums but I have looked and couldn’t find it. So here goes my question…

So i transfered all of my music onto my clip on the “music” folder. Then i turn on my clip expecting to navigate threw my music by just going from folder to folder i created for each artist. This is not the case. If i go to “artist” option…its not all organized because some songs feature other people…so there will be …say…5 or more different three six mafias. Or song names aren’t always right, sometimes they are just named 1, 2, 3, etc… Can anyone give me any tips?

Sounds like you need to adjust the ID3 tags. I set the ID3 tags/mp3 info at the rip stage using CDex. I add in manually each artists, album and song title with CDex just before I rip. You can have this done automatically, but you need an internet connection. I feel like this is a form of spyware, so I do it manually. CDex puts the songs in a folder automatically with the artists name and then in that folder another folder with the name of each album you rip by that artists. All the mp3s will be in this second folder. I just drag and drop the whole first folder (artists name) right into the music folder on my Clip. Then I can browse folder to folder on my Clip. You can also adjust the ID3 tags after ripping, to check if they are correct or change them. In Win XP right click on the mp3 in question and select properties. Then click the summary tab and click on advanced. Then change the artists, song title and other mp3 info that’s not correct. In Vista it’s a little different. You right click on the mp3 and select properties and go to the details tab to adjust the mp3 info. Hope this helps.

Ok, thank you. I will try this out.

If you have alot of tag editing to do, it’s helpful to use a tag editor, such as The Godfather or MP3Tag–they can automate much of the process.