Music Folder Names Not Consistent


I am a new owner of a Clip Zip and am so far very happy with it.  I hope this isn’t a repeat post; I did a search and couldn’t find what I need.  The music folder names are showing strangely.  The tracks in the folders are named correctly and are in the correct order, which is good, but the folders show up completely randomly.

I organized them by album.  I loaded them on, then I changed the names to be in the format “artist - album”.  When the Clip Zip is plugged into the computer, everything is fine.  When I go to pick some music on the player, strange stuff happens.

Either (a) the folder reverted to the name it had before I changed it, (b) the folder name is gibberish in front of “New Folder”, or © the new folder name actually stuck.  Same thing happens with the memory card.

Is there some setting on the system or some file type that may accidentally have been loaded in some of the folders causing this?  Also, I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version.  Thanks for the help.

By any chance, is your player’s USB mode, under Settings, set to MTP mode?  MTP mode can fool around with file, etc. names.  MSC mode (the other option, besides Auto, which can switch between the 2 modes and cause later confusion–I’d avoid it) doesn’t typically have this issue and can be your solution (first delete the content on the player, set to MSC mode, and re-transfer).  Note, however:  MTP mode generally is needed for playing DRM’ed files (e.g. Rhapsody), in case you have those.