Unable to rename music folders in Clip Zip

Once I copy my artist/album folders into the memory card, I am then unable to effectively rename the folders.

The reason I want to rename them, is because if a folder name is too long, the player adds some random numbers/letters in the front of the folder name… this annoys me because I use folder structure view in the player to find music. I want to shorten the folder names in order for it not to have those random numbers/letters get generated… but the player does not let me rename them! At first it appears as it does, but once I disconnect the player from the computer, the folder names return to what they were before! What is going on here?

Sounds like you’re using MTP mode (or Auto Defect which defaults to the same thing). Delete all the folders/files from the player, switch to MSC mode and re-load. You should then have no trouble re-naming the folders/files and it won’t automatically add extraneous letters/numbers to the file names.

Tip: Using the Format option in the Settings > System Settings menu is a good way of clearing the memory in one fell swoop. :wink:

Thank you! That solved it!

However, I noticed, a few of my track names appear in all caps in the player’s folder structure browser, including the file extension. It is odd, because most display correctly, but a few are all caps. The filenames are not all caps when I browse the folders inside windows, nor is there any mp3 tag fields that contain all caps info.