It’s hard to explain but some music folders have their names renamed after been transfered to my SanDisk Sansa Clip. When I search for this folders (MUSIC>FOLDERS>EXTERNAL USD CARD>MUSIC>) they show a bizarre alpha-numeric code before their original name, what makes everything quite confusing and ugly. For instance, the folder that was named “Sunset” in my HD was renamed to 4A340000_sunset". I’ve tried to rename them again and again but the problem can’t be solved.

What shoul I do?


Is your Clip set, under System settings/USB mode, to MTP?  MTP mode can do things like that.  If you don’t need DRM capability, which MTP mode enables, I’d set the player to and use MSC mode–much less problematic.

Before doing this, though, transfer your content back to your PC (if you want to save it) and delete your content on your player (or simply reformat the player, under System settings), and then set the player to MSC mode and transfer your content to the player–hopefully, it now will transfer without any issue.  And keep the player set to MSC mode.

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