Folder Names

Just got my Clip+ yesterday (Via sansa site) and its awesome no problems except one thing. One little problem I’ve ran into and I don’t know how to remedy and that’s folder naming (and getting it to stay). The majority of the albums/folders I add have no problem but there’s a few that when I add the file/folders they are listed as “68060000_Albumname- 20XX - Albumename” I don’t know why the random list of numbers get added to it. There’s also something called an “OFN” file that’s really small about 26 kb that I’ve found that gets added to the listing.

When I try to rename the folders everything seems cool until I boot the clip up and everything right back the way it was before (with the numbers tagged on the file names).

How do I fix this? Thanks guy 

If you change the USB mode to MSC (press the small house button, scroll down to Settings and select it, scroll to System Settings and select it, scroll to USB Mode and select it, and then select MSC), does that fix matters?

(Note, however, that MSC mode will not work for protected files on the Clip and for subscription services such as Rhapsody.)

Yes it did. Thanks a ton, what did altering the USB mode do?

Nothing–apparently the switch to MSC mode just didn’t do what MTP mode did, which seems to be the addition of the extra characters.  Yet another evil of MTP mode, apparently.


That doesn’t fix the problem for the external uSD card. I’ve find the solution for this problem.

We want to use MTP mode because this is the only mode that allows drag and drop to the external uSD card in the Sansa. In MSP mode the Sansa appears as mapped drive in Windows explorer, but the external uSD card does not show up.

I found the problem by looking at the folders that it had corrupted the folder name for. I noticed that it only seemed to be th elonger ones. After a few experiments I have found that the maximum folder name length is 28 characters. If it is any longer than this then the Sansa will prefix the name with an 8 digit hexadecimal string followed by a hyphen followed by the next few characters of the folder name.

The problem only happens when dragging folders onto the external uSD card, not for the internal FLASH of the Sansa.

I tried renaming the folders to shorter names on the Sansa drive in-situ (via Windows Explorer) but that didn’t work.

First you must delete all the folders that this has happened to on the Sansa. Next rename these folders on your Windows PC so they have a maximum of 28 characters. I chopped off the end and placed a ‘-’ at the end to indicate they had been shortened.

For example, a folder called “Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy” was renamed to “Jesus & Mary Chain - Psycho-”

Next drag these shorter folders over to the “external uSD card” folder of the Sansa. Note that the “corruption” of the folder names doesn’t occur when the folders are dragged over, but when the Sansa does the “Refreshing your media” process when you disconnect it. Luckily the filenames within folders are not affected.

That should solve your problem!

I don’t know if this is a bug in the Sansa, or a consequence of MTP mode. I suspect the former since dragging to the internal memory works fine, and the corruption only occurs AFTER the dragging operation.

Good luck!

On my Windows 7 system, with the player set at MSC mode, the player’s microSD card indeed shows up, as a separate drive.  You seem to be having a separate experience.

The non-appearance of your external uSD drive is probably becuase of drive letter assignments on your computer. I had exactly the same problem. My PC had a D: drive for the DVD, and an F: drive mapped to one of my network folders. The Sansa put the internal memory on E:, but the external uSD did not appear. I got rid of my F: mapping, and replugged in the Sansa, and sure enough, the external uSD drive appeared!

Hope it works for you!