Folder name lengths

No, this isn’t about the Clip preceding foldern names with junk!

I have my music in folders named as the name of the band, with albums as sub-folders (as most do I suspect). However, bands with names of three letters or less don’t seem to appear in teh folder list when viewed on the Clip itself - it even puts some of them as sub-folders of the next folder. When I extend the name of the folder (for example, changing ELO to Electric Light Orchestra) the problem goes away.

However, I can’t think of an alternative name for the band ‘A’, and would prefer to fix the problem rather than avoid it!

When I view the folder from my PC, then the folders are all in the right place. This occurs on my external uSD, I’m not sure if it happens on the internal one.

Anyone got any ideas?

I’ve never faced this–my folder names are longer. But how about, as a workaround, “A (the band)” or similarly?