Songs On Clip Not Same As Files In Artist Folder

I have my clip set so PC shows files and folders like a regular drive. I have Music Folder and subfolders named for artists with songs in the artist folders. When  I access Songs on clip it says 1297 songs. But when I do Albums>Edit>Select All>Properties it says 135 objects (folders) but 1298 files.Why is there one more file than it says Songs. I have PC set to Show All Files. Not a big problem but confusing and would like to know why this is so.

Is the count perhaps including the folder containing the files?  If I recall correctly, I’ve had that happen to me before somewhere within Windows.

I think so. All show 1 less song in Settings>Sysem Inf> Songs than in Properties of Music folder. Dont know exactly what the extra file is but at first thought I was missing a song. Guess not though. Example : If clip says 598 songs then Music folder properties says 599 files and 67 Folders where folders are the Artist Name subfolders in the Music folder.