Naming folders

The names of the folders in the “Music” folder (as seen in Windows Explorer) are not the same as in the Sansa Clip itself. Sometimes, a folder named, i.e. “Richard Strauss”, appears in the Clip (in the Artists section) as “Isole” (who is the singer), but this name is absent in Explorer. It is as if the Clip can read things that I cannot see in Explorer.

Other folders, while they have a name in Explorer, are shown as “unknown”, or “unlisted”.

I want to give a name in Explorer to a folder and this name to appear in the Clip. Nothing I name in Explorer has any effect on  the name that appears in the Clip. I don’t use playlist. I drag and drop my folders into the Music folder.

Please, advice, and thanks in advance.


The Clip does not have folder support in the sense that it doesn’t display folder names.  It displays artist, album, and song title information from song tags.  You’ll need to use a tool to set up your song tags properly, such as MP3tag.  I haven’t used that particular tool in a while, but I believe it has the ability to copy folder/file names to tags.

A very clear answer, and I thank you for it.

Now I’d beg you to explain to me, where this tag is, that it cannot be seen in Windows Explorer. Or can it?

Notwithstanding, I’m going to investigate this matter as you suggest.

Thanks again,


The tags are embedded in the song files, separate from the actual audio data.  If in Windows Explorer you right click on an MP3 file and then select “Properties”, then click on the “Summary” tab, and click on the “Advanced” button, you’ll see some of these tags.  There are actually different kinds of tags … ID3V1, ID3V2.3, ID3V2.4 etc.  I don’t know which ones Windows Explorer displays.  Your best bet is to use a tool like MP3tag.  I believe the Clip uses ID3V2.3 tags.