File format for sansa clip

Hi there. I use the clip on a linux box and I am curious if the file format of the clip is defined anywhere. Specifically, I’d like to get access to the information that the sansa knows when I select a podcast (i.e. start where you left off), or even better, if a file was ever listened to. I would like to use that information to remove played files (podcasts in my case) from the player.


Re: File format for sansa clip

It’s fat32 and Linux has no problem with the fat file system. I don’t use Linux although I did run a dual boot system for a while. I have a Puppy Slacko bootable flash drive that I can use on systems having windows boot or virus problems.

I would suggest formatting the clip from the settings menu rather than from Linux just to be safe. You will of course need to set the clip to MSC mode.

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Re: File format for sansa clip

Please don’t dredge up a 5-year old thread. Start a new one instead and pose your question or issue in a complete and concise way to where people will know what exactly you are looking for. :wink: