OK to delete all folders and files?

I have the sansa clip working fine in Linux, but I like to create my own folder structure on my usb mounted mp3 players.  Can I delete all the files and folders on the Clip and format the player?  If so, will the Sansa find files I place in my custom directories?  Must it be formatted in FAT32?

Thank you for this great little device!

FAT works fine up to 2GB, otherwise (4GB version specifically) FAT32.  You can simply use the Format command on the device, as it sets the allocation size to 32KB, which is optimal for these devices.

The firmware will generate the small group of folders automatically.  You can simply ignore them, and build your own structure for convenience.  Remember that playlists (m3u) files require a correct path if you group in folders, as many have discovered.

The Clip essentially ignores folders when cataloguing and finding your music files: it uses the embedded ID3v2.3 tags to find your music.

Bob :stuck_out_tongue: