Fiddly turning on

Despite instructions in User Manual my Sansa Fuze+ turns on after 2 sec power button being pushed + (it’s a Fuze Plus after all) another short push when a SANSA logo appears… If I miss the proper time to push the power button again the device simply turns OFF…

Imagine turning your MPPlayer 6-8 times (one time it took me just 2 tries) every time to be able to just turn it on at all.

There is no firmware update, so my hopes for a quick fix are dead and buried…

I haven’t heard of anyone else having this problem, regardless of firmware version. Have you tried re-applying the latest update?

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My Firmware version is now: 02.38.06 A (as before) and first start of the player was a complete and utter success :wink:

[• Disconnect the Sansa Fuze+ and let the firmware update begin. 

• Once it finally finishes doing its update, it will turn itself off. 

---- here the device just turned itself on again

• Turn the Fuze+ on, Select your language and region preference]

Second turning on without a problem too (I had to be sure).

BTW Creative’s option of ‘add to a playlist’ or ‘add to now playing’ would be an improvement. Still with this unlit touchpad in the dark any operation on files would be a gamble…

Nice to see this working for you G-rad. Good luck and enjoy the player!

After few days of not using my Fuze+ it started it’s old tricks again…

This time I found a thread:

Sansa Fuze+ refuses to start with SDHC card

After replacing my microSD 32GB Class10 with some old and dirt cheap 8GB Class4, player is working correctly and without any hiccup.

Now I need 32GB Class4 ancient artefact - maybe I’ll just look behind the fridge and under the bed…

It’s a matter of microSD’s speed - the device turns on without a card normally.

I had to replace my 32GB microSD Class10 with dirt cheap (and quite old) 8GB Class4 - now everything is fine and player is working without a hiccup.

I spent few hours copying data on that tiny 8GB card… Imagine 32GB class4 - oh the PAIN!

BTW why Sandisk doesn’t make dual slot players?

A few years ago I suggested that Sandisk make mp3 players with two micro card slots, and even some models with 4 slots. The issue seems to be that the low priced players have a very limited amount of ram. Ideally to have a very responsive player, the file index table should be in ram(copied from flash memory on bootup). Of course Sandisk could decide to make a premium player priced at $100 or perhaps even a bit more(although my price limit for an mp3 player is $100) that has very long battery life(60+ hours), two card slots(or perhaps even 4!) and has plenty of ram and powerful enough processor.

Rather than giving up on the Fuze+, I suggest that you put Rockbox on it. Rockbox is a free alternative firmware(operating system) for the player. With Rockbox many are no longer frustrated when using the Fuze+.

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I thought about it - when my CREATIVE Zen 20GB (24h battery) was still alive…

Sadly there was no Rockbox for my player.

I’m not a power user - occasional plane or bus travel hardly justifies any modifications to the device.

But I will download the software - just in case I’ll be bored and frustrated enough :wink:


It’s not a matter of being a power user though. Many were so frustated with the Fuze+  controls that they were almost ready to throw it in the trash until they put Rockbox on the player. Now many of them describe the Fuze+ as being very usable with Rockbox installed.