Favourites are gone after connecting the m240 to the PC

Hi out there,

I have the m240, everything is working well so far.
My USB-mode is MSC.

When I mark let´s say 5 favourite songs, I can listen to them under “Favourites”.
No problem doing so when I start the sansa again the next day - they stay in the folder.

When I connect the sansa to my PC in order to add some new songs for example and then start the player again, the favourites are gone.
I have to start over again collecting them.

Does anyone have an idea why those favourites are gone after the player is connected to the PC and then unplugged ?

Thanks for a “good” answer :wink:

Thats the design of the player. <— a good answer.

If you want to work around it, you can always make playlist and transfer them im MTP mode. Those stay on there when you connect to the computer.

@enigma wrote:

Thats the design of the player. <— a good answer.

Hi Enigma.

indeed a good answer, because it´s honest :wink:
But, on the other hand: are you kidding ?
That really is a ■■■■ if that´s the way the player is constructed.
Makes no sense.
Plus there is nothing mentioned in the instruction manual.

Anyway, let´s look forward: how do I make a playlist ?
Is this the m3u file ?
Can I create it in Winamp and copy it to the player ?
Or do I have to take care of the folders of the mp3-files on the player ?

I know: questions follow questions…

Thx once again for a good answer :wink:

i prefer otherwise as well, but hey… its also an old player. Newer ones don’t do the same (I believe).

  1. It can be an m3u file, if your familiar with making one and applying it.  SanDisk will only walk people through doing it through windows media player

  2. I dont really use winamp, not too sure.

  3. You cant do it by organizing files on the mp3 player.

There are some videos in the link through my signature that walk us through the process. For WMP, make sure the player is in MTP mode. It will say MTP on the face of the player when connected to the computer, and it will appear as an audio device when located through “My Computer”.