m240 - Favorites folder has dissapeared

I have the Sansa m240 mp3 player.

I used to be able to add and remove songs to my favorites list by holding down the select button while a song was playing, but now when I try this nothing happens. Also, the favorites folder no longer appears in the Play Music menu.

It’s not a problem with the select button itself, because it still works for other functions, such as selecting songs to play.

Does anyone have a solution for this problem?

Thank you.

I would try a reformat. If you do be sure to back up your files.
It will erase all.

User Guide Click Here

Thanks Paul.

That would seem like a good idea. I should have mentioned that I had already tried this. I reformat the player by right clicking on the player icon in the My Computer folder (I’m using Windows XP) and selecting the format option. This does erase all the files on the player, but the Favorites folder doesn’t reappear. 

Any other suggestions?

Which mode are you reformatting in?

try menu, settings, advanced, toggle to on

I was reformatting in MSC mode, but after your question I tried in Auto Detect as well, no change.

Rosaj wrote:

try menu, settings, advanced, toggle to on

That was it! Thanks!! I thought that I had tried that already, but I guess not.

Thanks Paul as well for your suggestions.