Save Favorites

Every time I connect my sansa m250 to my computer my carefully built favorites is erased.

I am quite bummed at this.  Can anyone tell me how to preserve my favorites on my sansa 250 when I connect it to my computer to add new songs?  If any one can help me with this I will pray for you every day.


Paster Radacheck of the Anabaptist faith

That, unfortunately, is how it is designed.  There is no way to make them stay.

I’ve been using SANSA MP3 players for years and love them. On my M200 all of a sudden the Favorites list is gone and I can’t add to a Favorites list because nothing happens when I push the button. HELP! :slight_smile:

As soon as you connect your m200 to your computer the play list is deleted.  Your songs are still on your player of course, but the play list is gone and you have to make it again.

This is not a fault in the player, this is the way it was designed.

If I had known this before buying it, I would not have bought it.

In my mind this is a severe problem and I might get rid of mine for another brand.


Radacheck ( who has an opinion on everything)