Copying Music from Sansa M240 to PC

My hard drive recently died and wouldn’t you know I didn’t back it up. So, I still have a bunch of songs on the MP3, but they are not on my computer. Is there a way to transfer the songs back to the computer?

Can’t you “Drag n Drop” them from inside “My Computer” on the PC? You might need to be in “MSC” mode under the USB menu on the M240 first.

If I’m reading it right, the manual says you can’t “delete” them from the M240 from inside “My Computer,” (which is what “dragging and dropping” would be…in effect “deleting” them from the M240)… but how 'bout highlighting them, right-clicking, and choose “Copy” from the M240, and then “Paste” them where you want copies on your PC?

You should be able to drag/drop/copy/paste the music files from your player to your new PC–just make sure the player is in MSC mode…