Extreme PRO 128 : LED flashes on insertion but not recognized


For a couple of days now I notice that my Extreme PRO 128 has not being recognised by my W7 X64 Laptop.

The LED would flash for about a second upon inserstin and stops, along with the usual audio windows usually makes. It would not even show up in windows explorer.

Tried in a W10 and a W8.1 OS. Not recognised in any…Tried in both USB 2 and USB 3 ports.

–Only recognisition from laptop is when it  complains ‘This Device Can  Perform Faster…’ when it is  plugged into a USB 2 port.

Any Advise…?



in that case the connection inside the flash drive seems to be defective. in that case you can replace the drive with the place of purchase or with sandisk directly.

you can contact sandisk support here


This might be already bricked, sorry. Have you check the warranty about this already?


I have alreade been issued an RMA…