Extreme Pro 128 USB detection issue

Good morning/evening everyone,

I’ve just received my brand new Extreme Pro 128. The device seems to be fine, as it reaches data transfers up to 230 Mb/s on my girlfriend’s Asus RoG, both ways (SSD to flashdrive and flashdrive to SSD).

On my computer, a MSI GT60 Dominator equipped with Windows 8.1, the drive is detected, but the Settings UI keeps telling me that it could work faster with USB3. It is plugged in USB3, and i have a bunch of other USB3 devices which are actually detected normally by Windows, and working as they should be.

I have 3 USB3 ports, all claiming that the key could work faster etc etc, and i cannot reach more than 40 Mb/s.

So, the issue comes from this specific computer, with this specific flash drive. It’s like if the key made Windows “believe” that it is plugged in USB2, no matter which port i’m using.

Any idea to help me fix this ? And sorry for the pretty lame english, it’s not my mother tongue.

Info :

Windows 8.1 Pro

Intel i7 4900 HQ

24Gb RAM

Driver for Intel eXtensive Host Controller 0100

I somehow know my way around with Windows, so i can try anything you may suggest me.

Thank you very much,


Edit : Forgot to say that i’ve formatted the drive in NTFS, than exFAT, then FAT32, then back to NTFS…always the same.


in that case i would suggest using the drive with another pc to see if the same happens. If the drive still is not detected normally then it could be related to the drive.