extreme 32Gb not recognized or recognized intermittently

extreme flash is either not recognized or recognized for a few moments than drops out in usb 3.0 slot. It works fine in usb 2 slot but not in usb 3. I’ve reloaded the  logic FL1000 controller and updated driver with no resolution.  Majorty of time it will not work in usb 3 mode.  

Possibilities include:

There is no established fixed standard for USB 3 yet so the controller and flash drive are not 100% compatible.

A background app is interfering with the interface, such as a malware app or cell phone app.

Other USB devices are competing for the resources.

What you can actually do is to try and do a Windows update. Hopefully, the driver for USB 3.0 will be included.

Thx for the reply.  The usb 3 port controller is f r e s c o  Logic FL1000 series. I’ve uptated to the latest driver. Tried uninstalling port and controller, reinstalling etc.  Sometimes when the extreme flash is inserted, if I scan for hardware changes in device manager for usb devices, the extreme will be recognized and usable for a short period and then drop out later. Other times when installed in the usb 3 port it works but as a usb 2 device. Flash works perfectly in the usb 2 ports as a usb 2 device. Not sure if  the issue is with  the controller or the flash drive

I’ll stick with my original suggestions and with the inconsistency of the problem I will add insufficient power and insufficient cooling as possibilities.