Extreme II SSD - 240G problems with Lenovo Edge E145


I just wanted to replace the existing harddrive (500GB) in my Lenovo Edge E145 with the Extreme II - 240G SSD.

First problem I encountered was, I had to make a change in the system config for the SATA specifications from AHCI to compatibility in order to make the SSD visible at all.

My understanding is, the SSD should be working in AHCI mode, right?

Second problem was, after a shutdown, the SSD was not detected by the system unless I did a Ctrl-ALT DEL to start a reboot.

Now the SSD is working.

Third problem I have is the E145 was delivered with WIN 8.1 and recovery and other partitions on the 500GB harddrive.

With the UEFI security, the product key (OEM of course) for the reinstallation is embedded in the BIOS and cannot be used for a Win 8.1 installation. Therefor the recommended procedure is to create a USB Recovery Media and do the recovery from there.

Did the recovery and installed it from USB, but the installation of Win 8.1 on the SSD is not working.

I would appreciate a little help, to get this working.

Thanks in advance for help!

Just wanted to add some additional info:

Firmware of SSD is R1311

On the Edge E145 there is UEFI BIOS Version HSET57WW (2.02)

I want to give an update, after hours of trial.

The first problem isn’t a problem anymore.

It came through a misinterpretation of problem two.

The SSD is running in AHCI mode and btw. I have seen a tremendous gain in performance.

Second problem still exists.

After a cold boot, the SSD is not recognized.

Need to warm boot afterwards and the SSD is running until the next cold boot.

Third problem seems not to be something to discuss here.

Will forward this question to another forum.

So if anybody has a solution for my problem #2, that would make me happier.