Asus eee 1101ha with extreme 240GB


I tried installing a 240GB in a Asus eee 1101ha but have problems getting it to work.

Tried both installing windows 7 sp1 professional and restoring from the asus recovery cd but both seem to hang

the computer when it starts writing to the drive.

I tried upgrading via the ISO upgrade cd to both 2.11 and 2.11m which worked fine and tried installing after but no joy.

Now I removed the disk from the eee and put it into a usb-sata adapter and the disk seems to work fine in that on another

windows 7 computer.

any ideas ?

First r211m is only for specific machines using a specific sata controller. If you have that firmware on the ssd you should switch it back to the normal fimrware.

Second you can’t install an OS from recovery disks. You will need the actual OS installation disks. 

Well, I tried installing from a Windows 7 pro installation media , computer freeze when it starts to copy to HD.

First try was with 2.01 after that I upgraded to 2.11 and also 2.11m even if was meant for Mac.

( If the controller had problems with sata-6 )

I also tried diskpart and cleared the disk and recreated a partition and volume but it freeze when I created the FS (format)