Expresscache.exe writing to device\harddiskVolumeX = defrag?

Expresscache.exe writing to device\harddiskVolumeX aka device\harddiskVolume2-4 in performance monitor

I see other entries but mostly its those ones that are busy right now, is it defragging?

Ok, the gui went nuts and said the drive not found, for some reason.

expresscache.exe still writing slowly to drives in performance monitor

attempt to stop express cache service failed but eventually i noticed it was no longer listed in performance monitor

drive is still detected in device manager

so i restarted the service, it works again, go figure, even the cache is still full, and its no longer hammering my drives for no reason.

Meh, plugged in another modular power connector to separate hd’s onto separate power cables, so far so good, who knows if that was the fix.

Perhaps, it might be a port error and using another one fixed it. At least hopefully though.