ExpressCache.exe constant never ending activity on all drives continues in version 1.3.1

Since I can’t seem to mark my previous thread as unsolved …I’m posting this in a fresh thread.

I was told the constant drive access was related to the usb error, and would be fixed together, but from what I can see this isn’t correct.  I did a full uninstall using revo uninstaller, so it was clean as it gets, installed 1.3.1 yesterday and after a few hours, its back to the old behavior of reading and writing drives at bytes a second, on the order of 700bytes-40k bytes per second :cry:  Some drives like E have no valid reason for access, its just a data drive, no applications and I didn’t access it recently but expresscache deems it necessary to keep it awake over what?

I guess i’m going to have to go back to stopping the service at night again.  Stopping the service stops the unecessary drive access.

Ok thats weird, I restarted the service this morning and it now lists as expresscacheapp.exe instead.

hm nm expresscache.exe is back again and hitting up all the volumes with read/writes for no reason at all again.

I’m pretty sure expresscacheapp.exe is the UI excutable and expresscache.exe is the system service executable.

Yea I noticed it came back to do its “thing” accessing all my volumes after a while.