Confused about External hard drives and ExpressCache 1.3.0 - Important.

Hi Slotmosta, George and GLS,

I’m a bit confused…

I thought that 1.3.0 is supposeed to only defrag SATA drives (this should be an option!) ?

I thought that the USB devices should eject normally - wasn’t this fixed ?

When will the next ExpressCache software be released and *what* will it really fix?

Kindly let me know.


Compumind :slight_smile:

Oh, the admin answered it in the other big thread on external drives, they figured out it was a real problem and will deal with it in the next update.

That being said, they really realy need to give us an option to simply turn it off, or let us exclude drives, but I think you already saw my thread on that lol, the program just keeps drives awake defragging at 30kb a second, its ridiculous, i think the last time i rebooted was a week ago and its still at it, its not acceptable for it to continuously work on my system like that for no good reason.

Hi wetnap.

Thanks for the heads-up!

Why defragging is even in ExpressCache to me is a mystery. It’s an unnecessary piece of code.

At least make it optional via a check box.


Yep, and so many hours later its still defragging my data drives, it needs to have an option to turn off or exclude drives, never mind the externals lol

it does not seem this issue is related to defrag.