Error message trying to download audiobooks

:angry:  I haven’t been able to download audiobooks to my Sansa Clip using OverDrive or Windows Media Player.  I get an error message everytime, but I can download podcasts.  i can’t figure out what the problem is.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I just updated my firmware as well.


And the error message is … ?

[Insert 3] returned 0xC00D2772

you can try to download the books first on your hard drive. then from hard drive to device… r u subscribe with overdrive?

Yes, I have an account with Overdrive and I download to my hard drive, then try to transfer to the device.  That’s when I get the error message.

Do you have a PC or a MAC? 

What version of OverDrive do you have?

What version of WM Player do you have? 

List the steps you are specifically taking to transfer the book so we can walk through it with you to help figure out what is going wrong.  

I have a PC, Windows XP

OverDrive version

WM Player 11.0.5721.5230

WMP DRM version 2.9.01

From OverDrive, I highlight the book I want and select Transfer.  When the next window opens, I make sure it is downloading to my player, Sansa Clip, and click ‘Next’.  A dialogue box displays saying that the files are downloading, and immediately, it stips and I get the error message.

Thanks for your help

Check out this link about the corrupt Digital rights info:

You might also try to google the error code to see if there are other solutions.  I had a similar problem one time and had found instructions somewhere with multiple steps to delete the digital rights info on my computer and re-installing the overdrive sw… sorry but I don’t recall where I found those instructions; just work through the google links. 

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I found a solution in another thread suggesting to format the player in MCS mode.  After trying everything else, (I couldn’t even find the system folder to correct the corrupted DRM files), formatting the player is what finally worked.   Many, many thanks to everyone for your help!

I am now a happy girl!