Error message: 0x80070570

I have a new error this error message when i try to upload music files to my sansa sd.


Searched the forums but no solutions about it =(

Thanks people and have a good day!

I’l get to the error in a second, but first:


How are you transferring music? Your Clip should be in Settings/System Settings/USB Mode/MSC. 


With that you can just drag and drop files onto the microSD card, assuming the microSD card is good.  First try that method and see if the files play.


There’s one exception to the simple MSC drag-and-drop.  If you got stuck with copy-protected files that were made in Windows Media Player’s default mode with Digital Rights Misery,  you have to send those over through Windows Media Player because it sends over the hidden codes to unlock them. 


I put your error code into Google and apparently it has something to do with a corrupt Windows installation file.


I have no idea why you are getting it with the Clip unless you are trying to do something complicated with Windows Media Player. 


You might try going to


and installing a newer Windows Media Player to get rid of that error.  Maybe the driver that picks up the unlock codes got a glitch. 


Or it may be a problem with the microSD card. If you have a camera, telephone or card reader that can also read that card, or if you can see it in Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer)–and you’re sure you have copies of everything on it somewhere else, since they will get erased–then you could Format the card through Windows. Use FAT32, one of the formatting options. 


First, thank you for the great assistance.

Yeah i did put it in the right usb mode. I can put music files in the internal clip+ memory but not in my sansa sd memory card. I also tried to change or update my media player and nothing could have been done because its up to date. Th sansa sd card is brand new, maybe i have to do something with it first?

Thank you in advance

*Edit: I tried format it, i was able to add 2 albums but after these 2, wichever amount of albums that i tried to put in it ended up with same error message.

And are you sure the microSD card is genuine and not counterfeit?  Did you purchase from a reputable dealer?

And what is the size of the card and is it formatted in FAT32 format?

Hello Mike,

Thank you for the answer. Yeah well, how can i know its a genuine and not counterfeit? To me it looks pretty genuine. Got it from Ebay and the seller have a very good reputation.

The size is 32gb and yes i format it in FAT32. Did it twice actually.

Thank you again and have a great day.

@cm78 wrote:

To me it looks pretty genuine. Got it from Ebay and the seller have a very good reputation.


The size is 32gb and yes i format it in FAT32. Did it twice actually.



Just so you know, buying memory cards off eBay is probably the riskiest place to purchase. Just about ALL the counterfeit/fake cards out there are sold on eBay.

You should check the validity and performance of the card itself with h2testw. It will verify if it is working correctly and/or genuine.

Hello Tapeworm,

Thanks for the suggestion. I did download the program and tested out my sansa sd card. You was right, its defective and have countless number of errors. I send an email back to the seller and wish a refund so i can go buy a real one in an electronic store nearby.

Thank you guys alot for the great help and have a terrific day!