Problem: Sansa Clip keeps getting recognized/unrecognized while in mass storage mode.

    While in MSC usb mode, sansa clip keeps being recognized and unrecognized, so I can’t copy more than 10 mp3s  or so at one time. I have upgraded to the latest firmware ('20), and formatted the clip to no result. Also, the clip freezes if connected to the usb port  a extended time.

I’m using Windows XP SP2.

Any points? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

It might be the voltage is dropping while charging the battery. Are you plugging directly into the computer USB port? Try a different port or cable. Be sure the cable is fully inserted into the Clip.

Also, try a different USB port.

Did you purchase your Clip from Best Buy and install the disc that BB packages with all the Clips they sell (which they trick you into thinking is an installation disc)?

If so…that’s the problem.

The Install disk is just a Best Buy Digitial Music Store Installer.

stewartgrafx wrote:
The Install disk is just a Best Buy Digitial Music Store Installer.

Yeah…but it screws everything up, and makes it so that the Clip will only work with files from that store. People think it is an “official” installation disc, and so they load it up…and then the troubles begin.

To all potential Clip purchasers: No installation disc comes with the Clip from the factory- you don’t need one- the Clip can be used out of the box, by connecting to your computer and dragging and dropping files.

I had the same thing happen, I updated Win. media player(V11) and then it worked.