Uploading music : errors over errors. Brand new Sansa clip+ =(

Hello there,

I tried uploading music in many ways : drag and drop and creating playlist true the actual version of windows media player on the microsd external memory of my sansa clip+. Every tries I made I had error message like this one : 

Windows cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct.

The thing is, this pc is my personal computer so I have all rights and all access required. I still have (and use) an old sansa music player 4gb wich works wonderful. I am used to it and I like the fact that I can “drag and drop” my music in and create folders as I wish. This is why I bought the mini clip and not a product for another company. I just wish I could do same with my clip+ that I do with my original (old but working) Sansa player =)

Hope you guys can help me on this one!

Are you using the USB mode of MSC to connect your player? If not, I would suggest it.

Hello, thanks for your answer.

I am not sure what are you talking about? Yes i use a USB cable to make the link between the clip + and my pc. Sorry for the lack of better words, english isnt my natural langage =)

Thank you so much buddy it worked! I had to mess around a little with it to understand what you mean but its working very fine. Thanks alot you made my day =)

I have a new error message now =(


Searched the forums and it leads to a memory stick problem. I use a microsd disk but not a memory stick. It seems your tip works with the memory that comes with the sansa clip+. It doesnt works with the sansa sd.