Sansa Clip+ with micro SD cards

Hi there. I ordered a 4gig sansaclip+ and I’ve been struggling with getting the MicroSDcard to work at all. From looking around various forums, it seems this is a fairly common problem, but I haven’t seen one solution. I tried emailing Sansa support, but Ive had no response. 

-The Player is running Firmware 01.02.18 

  • I’ve tied several different makes and sizes of micro SD, always with the same results.

  • I’ve reformated via PC and player, none of which seems to help.

-The player can’t  read any of the files on the memory card, however the card shows up in windows media player as drive G: when you connect the player to the PC. You can play those files via media player.

  • Occasionalt the message “There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive\Device\Harddisk3\DR3” comes up.

I only really bought this player for the expandable SD card slot. Is there a solution, or so I return this to seller?

Since there is a whole population of people using the clip+ with micro sd card, it’s hardly fair to blame the device. You need to tell us exactly how you are connecting including the usb mode to which it is set.

I do wonder if the device is defective, and needs replacing.  Especially key is the fact that you’ve tried mutiple cards, and that they work fine in your computer.

You might try reformatting a card with the SD Association’s free SD Card Formatter tool (free online), and see if that fixes matters–it sometimes has.

Is it a class 4 card? Did you only insert or remove a card while the player was off? Some Sandisk players have issues with some cards faster than class 4. Putting MTP transferred files on card memory can also be problematic at times. Imo card memory should be used for unprotected files transferred in MSC mode. If you have protected files, they should be placed in main memory to avoid issues(protected files need to be transferred in MTP mode, using a media player that transfers the licenses).

Are  you sure the files you put on the card are in a format the player supports, and that the tags are okay? The Sandisk players need ID3 V2.3 ISO8859-1 tags.