Sudden Player (Clip+)/Memory Card Problem

I have a 4GB Sansa Clip+ and a SanDisk 16GB Memory Card. They worked very good with very few problems (only problems were an occasional freezing).

The other day, I was listening to a track off the MC and I fast-fowarded a bit. And the player froze and then starting playing again but it was slowing down the track and I heard a kind of grinding noise. I turned off the Clip and restarted it and was getting the same results and freezing. And after it unfroze, it was on the main screen (Music). So I went to play something from the card - it showed the card but said (Empty).

I was shocked! All my stuff gone? Card erased? How?

I took out the card and put it back in. Went through the Refreshing (which was not as long as usual) and still nothing! I did this a couple of times with no luck.

So I connected the Clip to my computer and tried acceseing the card but the computer said “Please insert a Removebale Disk”.

I then put the card into my phone and everything was there! All my songs and files. And they played fine! So I put the card back into the player and this time it showed my songs. But when I would try to play a track, the player would fly thorgh tons of songs without playing them and then stop at a random track and play it. But it still sounds slowed down and grindy. And the computer will still not read the card from the Clip.

I tested the songs in Internal Memory and they play fine.

So what is wrong? Is there something messed up with the card? So why is it working fine from my phone? Or is there a problem with the Clip? So why are the Internal Memory stuff working fine? And what is causing this whole mess? Please help!!

Is this a class 10 card? the Clip+ often has trouble with cards faster than class 4. Are the songs mp3 files? How were they transferrred to the card? If they were transferred to the card using the player, was the player in MSC mode?

If the files are wma, then they might be protected. If they are protected, and you transferred them using MSC mode, or using drag and drop in windows explorer, then the licenses won’t transfer, and those files won’t play on the player. The default for Windows Media Player is to rip CDs to protected WMA.

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