Suddenly won't sync

I bought a new Clip+ recently to replace my old one, and this time I also added a Sandisk 16GB MicroSDHC Memory Card. It worked fine for a few weeks, but now when I try to add new files, Windows Media Player gives the error message “Windows Media Player cannot access the file. The file might be in use, you might not have access to the computer where the file is stored, or your proxy settings might not be correct.” This happens regarless of whether I try to add the files to the internal memory or the added one.

When I put my old Clip+ in there, I can sync the same files, no problem.

With the new Clip+, I can delete files just fine through WMP, but cannot add more than one or two songs before I get that error message.

Do I need to return my new Clip+, or is there a way I can fix this?

Are these new files you’re trying to add diffferent in any way from the others already on the player? What is the format of them? Are they ‘copy-protected’ .wma format?

No, they are not different. I’ve tried deleting files already on the Clip+ and then adding them back. They delete just fine, but can’t be added to the Clip+ again.

As I said, these files can be added just fine to my old Clip+ (same model and everything) but can no longer be added to my new Clip+

I would guess–emphasize guess–that copy protection is a culprit.

If the files are copy protected they have to be sent over via Windows Media Player and an MTP connection that also transmits the super secret hidden hush-hush codes that “protect” you from copying your own music.  

If you drag-and-drop them–even if they have the same names as ones that were previously on the unit–the DRM (digital-rights-misery) codes aren’t sent with them. Or there may be a limit on the number of copies you can move.  Or Windows Media Player might just be messing with you because it can.  It recognizes that the new Clip + is a different unit from the old one and starts treating you like an evil music pirate. 

Set your music player to rip everything to .mp3, drag and drop instead of syncing via WMP–if you have to sync you can use Media Monkey or Winamp–and these problems generally disappear.  

i need to ask this too to isolate the issue. Has this unit been dropped by any chance?

I returned the Clip+ and got a new one. I again inserted the MicroSDHC Memory Card. And again it worked fine the first time I loaded songs on, and now suddenly when I try to load songs, it loads the first dozen and then gives me error messages for all the rest.

How can I fix this??

How about telling us about the files (format, source, etc.) and how/what you are doing to transfer them? Without knowing all the details, we’re only guessing at what might be the problem.

Just a note, Windows Media Player (especially the later versions) is pretty quirky and can do some weird stuff when ‘syncing’. Most people experienced with mp3 players avoid WMP like the plague. Dragging & dropping (copy & paste) is much more straightforward and uncomplicated. And it works, period.

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Easiest way to transfer your songs:  forget “syncing” via Windows Media Player and otherwise, and simply copy and paste/drag-and-drop your files onto the Clip.  It just works.

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The songs are in .mp3, and the playlists are in .m3u

Does that tell you anything meanful?

Here’s another example. I just plugged in the player with WMP already open. It automatically decided to sync all playlists associated with the memory card (“external”), even though I had not changed those playlists. It gave me error messages on all the songs on those lists, and claimed that these songs were no longer on the player. As I’m now working to sync those again, it registers that most of those files are “already on device”.

And let me restate that WMP never had a problem syncing my old Clip+; not once in two years! Only now, with new Clip+ and extra memory card, am I having these problems repeatedly.

Must you sync? Plain 'ol copy & paste (or drag & drop) works just fine. And is easier than fighting with WMP.

If I drag and drop, then I have to remember every last song on the playlist and drag and drop each one, too, don’t I?

Can anyone tell me what’s causing this problem?? Do all Clip+'s have this problem when you add a memory chip? Is there a compatability issue with WMP? Is there a way I can make the Clip+ work as expected?

Typically, this is a sync issue with the software offering it–it tends not to be a Clip issue.  When it all boils down, the Clip works like a thumbdrive. 

@foxfire wrote:

If I drag and drop, then I have to remember every last song on the playlist and drag and drop each one, too, don’t I?


A ‘playlist’ is simply (and literally) a ‘list’ of certain song files. Once the song files are on the player, then the ‘playlist’ merely points to those individual files for playing.

Generally, there are 2 types, or formats of playlists, .pla & .m3u. Depending what what software you used to create them and whether or not you want the playlist to span both memory locations (internal and SD card) or just one will determine which format is best.

PLA will scan both memory locations and usually is the one WMP generates with the player in MTP mode (as in syncng). M3U is limited to only 1 memory location, and is the type generated by most other software programs.

Thank you. I have been transferring media the hard way.