I cannot SYNC my Clip

any time i try to sync i get a message reading, “Windows Media Player cannot play the file. If the file is on another computer, verify that you are connected to the network. If you typed a path, verify that it is correct. If the problem persists, the server might not be available.”

any ideas what the prob may be?

are there any other ways for me to put music on my clip? all my music is in WMP.

Is the file on your computer? If so is it under the name of another user? DO you have full administrative privelages in terms of file transfer?

im pretty sure im in admin. the files are on the computer in my WMP. what do you suggest i do?

(thanks for helping me with my other problem)

You are in MSC mode right (I think i remember that from your other thread)? If so and your files arent from a service like rhapsody, just find the files on your computer select the files you want, right click choose copy, then go to the clip like its a flash drive and paste the songs in the music folder. Eliminate the need for the program.

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i cant fine the files on the computer and i cant drag the songs from WMP to the device.

@maastmike wrote:
i cant fine the files on the computer and i cant drag the songs from WMP to the device.

In WMp find a file in your Library, right click and go down to properties. You should be able to see where your files are stored. ARE YOU IN MSC MODE?

its not letting me download any of the songs because it says they are all write protected.

i am in MSC mode and i found the files. i am trying to paste/ drag the songs, but it wont allow me cause they are write protected.

it says exactly, " Cannot create or replace Music: The disk is write - protected. Remove the write - protection or use aother disk."

YOu are gonna need to get the player to work in MTP mode so you can use WMP. This means you have to figure out why you couldnt install WMP 11 or the MTP kit from Microsoft.com

i will try and load the MTP kit now.

im not going to be able to download anything cause i cannot validate my windows.

I didnt ask but what kind of files are they? If you ripped them to MP3 you should be fine if they are WMA or something you may have copy protection on. So If you re-rip as mp3 all your problems may be fixed.

they are mp3, i think. they are all torrent downloads.

i was thinking about downloading foobar2000. maybe if i use a diff media player i would have better luck?

Try Media Monkey

i tried foobar but im still getting the write protected. what can i do to take this off?