Encrypt in Windows, Unencrypt in Mac?


I’m encrypting my files in Windows and sending the USB to a friend with a Mac. Would they just be able to plug in the USB and access the files without any additional software? Do they need to download Secure Access for Mac to access the files I encrypt? I click on SanDiskSecureAccessV3_win.exe to access my encrypted files, would a person in Mac be able to click on the same thing and be able to access my files?


in that case what you need to do is to download the mac version of the secure access software and you will be able to start and open the encrypted vault on the mac also. so if the files are compatible in both os systems you will be able to open and use them on both computers

here you can download the software for mac


I need to do the same as in the above question - encrypt on windows and send to a friend who will unencrypt on mac.
But I don’t understand the answer provided.
Can you please explain who needs to download the mac version of the secure software? Is it me (using windows) or my friend (using mac)?

It doesn’t seem to work, I downloaded the software on both Mac and PC but the content I uploaded to the USB key while on my PC doesn’t show up in my Mac. When I open the software on my Mac with the password and double click on “USB Flash Drive” where I put the file from the PC, I get the following message “The Vault could not be loaded, it may be located on another computer or the original vault has been manually removed.” Well it wasn’t remove, I can still see the file on the PC.

Where did I go wrong ? How can I access the same files from both Mac and PC?