How to open SecureAccess files saved via Windows on OSX/Mac?

I saved files onto my USB using a Windows computer. Now I cannot open the files when using my Mac. I’ve already downloaded SecureAccess 3.0 to the same USB, but when I try to run it, I get this warning and then the software terminates.

"A vault from a previous version was detected.

Please check the SanDisk SecureAccess website for upgrade instructions."

So how does one view valut files on a Mac that were saved using the Windows version of SecureAccess or do we need to use the same OS for creating and viewing?


in that case i see that you are using version 2 and version 3 at the same time and that what is happening. in that case you can format the drive with the pc and install the same version 3 on the drive to make sure that it will work with both pc and mac

hi there. 

when you say ‘format the drive,’ do you mean i need to delete all the files i need to open? i can’t do that.

is there another way?

thanks so much.