Secure Access 2.0 files from MAC to Windows

I have just purchased a 32GB SanDisk with Secure Access 2.0 on it. My issue is when I place a file in the vault from my MAC and attempt to open the vault on my winows machine the file is not in the vault. It will show up if I eject it and place it back in my MAC. Same goes for putting something in the vault from my windows machine and attempting to view it on my MAC.

What’s wrong? 

Yes, I installed the Mac version on the Mac computer and the Windoes version on the windows computer and yes, I’m using the same password on both.

So first the software should not be install on the computer. You need both of them on the flash drive itself.

Next you need to make sure you have not install using to different vaults. Basically all you need to do is either on the windows or mac computer run the software and set up the vault. Next when you go to the other computer just run the file for that OS whether it be Mac or windows and it will access the same vault. If you see to secure access vault files you have it installed twice. There should only be one vault folder. 

Hi there

Can I check whether it’s possible to access the SAME vault on the USB from both a MAC and a PC? I have installed the software for MAC and PC on the USB stick but each o/s is asking me to create separate vaults.

If it’s not possible to access the same vault, is there any other secure way I can access secure files on the USB stick on both systems?


you just set up the vault on one of the computers. when you run the software from the the other OS it will access the same vault with the same password. 

Thanks, I’m really sorry but I just don’t understand.

I’ve downloaded the Windows version on the USB, run it on the PC, set up a secure password vault and placed a file in the vault.

But when I plug the stick in to the MAC I obviously can’t read the PC folder. So when I try to run the MAC install on the USB directly, I’m told the file is damaged and it won’t run. But when I open the ZIP in the MAC’s download folder, and drag the MAC exe file to the USB it will run, but asks me to set up a new vault with a new password etc.

I’m facing the same problem here. I would be grateful if someone would be kind and patient enough to list the steps and the application in full name; so that it will be very clear.

One other thing. How do I install the application on the USB?

Same here

It doesn’t seem to work, I downloaded the software on both Mac and PC but the content I uploaded to the USB key while on my PC doesn’t show up in my Mac. When I open the software on my Mac with the password and double click on “USB Flash Drive” where I put the file from the PC, I get the following message “The Vault could not be loaded, it may be located on another computer or the original vault has been manually removed.” Well it wasn’t remove, I can still see the file on the PC.

Where did I go wrong ? How can I access the same files from both Mac and PC?