Empty Vault issue - possible solution to save files

First: SanDisk® SecureAccess 2.0 is buggy, best not to use it at all.

Without that info you might get into situation where you got empty Vault, but encrypted .dat files still exist in “SanDiskSecureAccess Vault” folder. This happen to me along with multiple users on this forum.

Last time I used Vault, I added file of 2.8GB and everything looked ok. Few days after last use of Vault I conntected USB, logged in to Vault, and Vault was empty.I do not know if large file of 2.8GB corrupted index file or something else, but there was no irregular use of USB stick or software. I logged off and logged in again and Vault was still empty.

.idx file have auto backup file (.idx.bak) however on every login to Vault these are updated. So after second login, .idx.bak was already corruped and empty.

After few days of email exchange both SanDisk support, and Encryptstick support were not able to help me, I got info that index file is corrupted, and there is no options to save files.

After lot of frustration, I managed to save most of files (all files except last added file 2.8GB), which saved my day, since there was 25 files more. 

By using file recovery software (RMF), I searched for shilf-deleted and formatted lost files. Try with 2-3 different softwares in might help. For any of this recovery softwares in is important that you do not save anything additional to memory, since it could rewrite deleted files.

I managed to find some old .idx and .idx.bak files from some earlier logins (file is months old, but there was only 1 update to Vault since than) Index files (.idx) are auto overwritten by software, however they might still exist somewhere on memory.

By using that old .idx file I managed to get Vault list of earlier state.

In my case, I managed to save 96% of my files (not perfect but still much better than nothing)

Hopefully this will help some of you…


This is a great solution to many secure access issues there are listed here. thank you very much for your valuable information abotu the software