My files are not visibles


I have a problem. When i go to to secureaccess, i can’t see my files. They are in the files “Vault”, but they are encrypted. lease, someone can help me ?

Thank you.


I watched the forum and apparently many people have this problem.  I hope the developers of this software will do their best so that we can recover our data.

So, sandisk support said me : “We can’t do anything, because normally the .idx and .idx.bak files shouldn’t be a size of 1KB”

But it’s strange because i can still encrypted and decrypted new files with the same “System Files”.  They despite customer, if there is a programming problem, it’s their developers to seek a correctional patch. Moreover, no update notification to version 3.

In short, I hope I am wrong but I believe that our data are lost. I tried to formatting the drive and reinstalling the software but nothing changes.

if the index is corrupt, which is sounds like it is, there really is not anything that can be done to get the data back. SecureAccess 3.0 has now been released and it has a function in settings to rebuild the index. That may help something like this in the futer but it will not solve the issue you had with SecureAccess 2.0 from what i understand. 

The SecureAccess 3 update will not be offered via the auto update if a vault is detected. So if you want to use secureaccess 3 you will either need to delete the vault or download v3 and install it separately. 

Thank for your response drlucky. But if as you said “there is a function in settings to rebuild the index” in the version 3 of the software, is it not possible to program one for version 2 and put a link to download it (as an update) ?

from what i understand the architecture is different so in short no it would not be possible to build the same tool for v2. 

Really its so much helpfull… thankss :slight_smile: