Each time after I charge my Clip Sport, it then boots/starts 'differently'.

Ok, I finally figured out what is going on.  (This isn’t a ‘bug’…it’s a FEATURE.)

Just another hurdle for new owners of the ‘Clip Sport’ to get accustomed to.

The GOOD NEWS is that this has also helped me FIND out how to play an album’s

tracks, one after another, (rather than play all my loaded tracks in a random order.)

Hmm…let me start this story at the BEGINNING!

Ok, I’ve owned this Clip Sport for 2 or 3 weeks now.  [I initially had some early ‘learning curve’

issues, which I posted a couple of weeks ago…first week of January.]

I was happily using the using, during my exercise workouts at ‘Planet Fitness’, and everything

seemed fine.  But, one small thing seemed missing, from what I’d learned how to do.

Namely, it was always RANDOMLY selecting/playing all the tracks I have loaded…so in upper-left

corner, it would show  1 of 86, 2 of 86, 3 of 86, etc as it advanced from one song to the next.

It was AS THOUGH it had been told to ‘shuffle’ (among all known tracks), even tho I had NOT

ever told it to do that!  (So, I had NOT yet really tried to figure out how to get it to play, for example,

just the songs from a single ALBUM, or songs frmo single ARTIST, etc.

But, then after a few workout sessions, the battery had gotten down in charge, and needed a

RE-CHARGE.  So, I re-attached it to my laptop, and let it charge back up.

So, then the next workout, when I turned it on (powered it up), instead of remembering that it

always re-started right in playing music tunes randomly, it’s initial screen layout was totally 

different.  No problem, I thought…I just hit some buttons, to get back to ‘Music’ screen, but

when I got there, I did NOT see the NOW-FAMILIAR picture of one of the album COVERS…

no, I saw a ‘blank’ screen saying Music at the top, and left-arrow-head and right-arrow-head

(to remind me to use right and left buttons, but when I pressed either of those…still nothing!

Ok, I thought, give up for this workout, and solve this ‘mystery’ when I get back home.

Aha…once I satisfied myelf that the music files where still there, I finally hit more buttons,

and accidently landed into some NEW menu sub-items, that in fact DO allow me to


COOL! So, now the displayed info in upper-left corner, made SENSE!  Now, I was seeing

1 of 8, 2 of 8, 3 of 8, etc.  Since I had downloaded  only 8 tracks for the selected album that

I was now listening too.

Ok, once again…live and learn!

[Hope this helps others who haven’t been here, yet. :slight_smile:  ]

[I consider this thread complete…I was not asking any specific questions…just passing along a clarification.]