can you shuffle albums on Clip Sport?

I own a Clip Jam , and was disappointed that it lacks a certain feature I value: the ability to shuffle albums, i.e. have it pick an album at random, play it from start to finish, then pick another album and do the same thing, etc. until all albums have been played.

So I was wondering if the Clip Sport is better in this regard. Can you shuffle albums on it? Or will I have to keep using my decrepit 10-year old iPod for that?

The Clip Jam and the Clip Sport share the same operating system (with device-specific Firmwares).  Using Music Mode, you can select one album to play with shuffle On or Off. The player will not jump to the next album automatically. 

If you wanted to play a sequence of albums, you could create a Playlist.  If you turned Shuffle mode=On, then all the songs in the Playlist would be shuffled.

Take a look at this message describing a batch file command to use for subfolders of music files on the Clip Sport and Clip Jam.