The "random" mode is failing.

The ‘random’ mode is repeating songs in the same sequence in which they were previously played. This occurs when I power on it in the next day. When occours one mp3 repeats, occours in te same sequence of the musics played in the before day. 

I have not experienced your “random mode failing” problem with any of my Clip Sports.

   However, your report inspired me to write up a short summary of all the possible ways the Clip Sport is programmed to shuffle music playback.


   -> Music Options -> Shuffle On / Off (global command?)

MUSIC (internal memory)

   -> Shuffle

   -> Artists -> Shuffle

   -> Albums -> Shuffle

   -> Songs -> Shuffle

CARD (micro SD memory)

   -> Artists -> Shuffle

   -> Albums -> Shuffle

   -> Songs -> Shuffle

Option Menu (while playing artists, album, songs, playlist)

   -> Shuffle On / Off


I have not attempted to test the uniqueness of each of these choices but any of these many modes seem to provide a pleasing & sometimes surprising random sequence of music files. I find all of the many Clip Sport player features are best enjoyed with properly curated ID3 tag data. (The most essential information should be within the first 16 characters of each ID tag field)

Maybe report back here with your findings with any of these ideas??

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