e280v2 won't do anything except have the computer recognize something is connected

I’m trying to help someone with a Sansa e280v2 and have run down the usual suspects and am hoping to get help here. The player shows nothing on the screen regardless of whether it’s connected or not. When you connect it to the computer, the computer recognizes it partially as two drives, but doesn’t completely recognize it correctly. It calls it something along the lines of an UNDEF USB device (however it does fully install it without any exclamation or question marks). I have tried the Sansa firmware updater, but it doesn’t recognize that the device connected is an e280. I tried having her manually force the e280 into MSC mode with no change. I tried a soft reset with no luck. I’ve tried chkdsk in both the Vista graphical format and in a DOS window to no avail. In Vista, it says the drive needs to be formatted before it can be checked. In DOS, it says it cannot format RAW devices. I’ve tried to format it, but it says it can’t. I tried to format it in the DOS window, but it started asking me for number of sectors and tracks because it could not determine them and I did not know what the answer would be so I stopped. I’ve tried refreshing the driver by removing/reinstalling with no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since I’m out of ideas at this point…

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It sounds like you somehow deleted the operating system of the Sansa. 

You may need the Extreme fix