Sansa e280

Hi everyone, 

 I have a Sansa e280 8g player. All of a sudden, no recent changes to the player or my computers, the player fails to show in my computer, device manager or in any way on the computer.  When I plug it in, the player turns on to the normal music screen and the battery in the corner shows the lightening bolt as if it is charging, which it does fine.  However, the screen never turns to “connected” and windows never signals with the bubble in the taskbar or sound that a USB device has been connected. 

 I have tried switching USB modes.   I have the current v2 firmware.  When it is connected, I can’t go to device manager and uninstall/reinstall drivers because it never shows it as connected and I can’t tell which I would need to try to play with.  I have tried on multiple computers running Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, and it does not work on any of them.  I’ve also tried using a backup cord with no luck. 

 Any ideas? And help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks. 


Sounds like a bad cable. Try another cable