e280 not playing

My e280 no longer plays music. When I select a song, it works just fine but then it doesn’t play anything and the time remains at 0:00. I can pause it and play again and the pause/play indicator works but otherwise nothing. The battery also shows as being low even though it is full. Radio plays just fine.

The problem started when I unplugged it from the computer after getting new music. The screen remained on the “connected” view until I turned it off. When I turned it back on, it did the “refresh database” and then would not play. The next few times I turned in off and back on it refreshed the database again, and then stopped and started showing the low battery. I’ve reset it and formatted it but to no avail.

Do you have any suggestions or is it beyond hope?

After formatting, I plugged it back into the computer. It didn’t show the “connected” status or the charging progress, although it did have the yellow thunderbolt next to the battery.  I did a soft reset and when I turned it back on, it did another “refresh database.” However, it still doesn’t play and the battery is shown as low.

Perhaps your battery is having issues.  The e200 has a replaceable lithium-ion battery module just like a mobile phone.

You can carefully remove the backplate using a small Philips #00 screwdriver, just be very careful you  don’t lose the wee beasties.  Remove the battery module, and clean the three contacts atop the module.  See if this improves your indicated charge level.

Replacement batteries are available readily, at Radio Shack, or via online sources.  Just “google” the phrase “e200 battery”.

Bob  :wink: